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Joining Reach FHC

New and existing players are expected to try out for the club each year. Formal, group tryouts for the upcoming indoor season will happen in the spring and/or early summer.

Reach FHC will consider new members for the club throughout the year and at the discretion of the coaches. Athletes will be placed with the appropriate team based on age, skill, experience, and knowledge of the game. Players are put on teams with those of equal skill and ability.

Playing indoor FH for Reach is mandatory to be a part of the club. Participation in spring FH (outdoor) is not mandatory and takes place March through June.

Reach FHC requirements

Athletes are expected to be on time and at all practices unless advance notification is given to the coaching staff. Athletes must be present at the practice before a tournament to be eligible to play in the next tournament. Attendance is also considered when placing players on teams and assigning players to tournaments.


RFHC winter season practices are on Sunday afternoons at Garrison Forest School from 3:00-5:15 pm. Spring practices will either be in Columbia or Baltimore MD and depend on field availability. Winter season runs from November through March. Spring season runs from March through June.

Time & Location

Reach FHC winter indoor season practices are on Sunday afternoons at Garrison Forest School in the large gym. U12 & U14: 12-1:30 pm; U16 & U19-1:30-3:00 pm. Reach also offers a weeknight practice on Thursday nights at Garrison Forest School. Thursday night practices are from 7:30-9:30 pm in the large gym.


Each age group will be broken down into 2-3 teams of preferably 7-9 players depending on the total number of players in the specified age group. This number may change; however, the goal is to have total teams of not more than 28-30 players, with 7-9 players per team.

Teams are formed based on skill, chemistry, and coachability. Players with like skill will be matched together. The overall is goal is to have the best group of players grouped together respective of skill level. Teams are formed at the coach’s discretion.

Tournaments: all tournaments have an additional fee attached to them and vary depending on the number of athletes attending that selected tournament.

Indoor Season:

  • Each player will have the option to play in at least 4 tournaments; some may play in more than 4 tournaments.
  • Some players may be asked to play with/for other Reach teams at the discretion of the coaches and/or to fill in if there are not enough players to go to a selected tournament.
  • Players who repeatedly miss practices or back out of tournaments will not be assigned to tournaments in the future.
  • Players are put on teams with others that match their skill and ability level
  • Players must be at the practice before a tournament to play in a tournament
  • NITs, Qualifiers, etc: the objective is to qualify. Once a team does quality, the goal will then be to showcase individual talent. The club has to plan, prepare, and make team selections that will ensure Reach is present at such events.
  • Reach FHC in the past, had participated in a Saturday indoor league at Garrison Forest that runs from late November till mid-January of the upcoming year. This is negotiable.
  • Participation does not guarantee equal playing time.
  • JPIL Indoor Tournament: details pending

Spring Season:

  • Spring FH is not mandatory and is optional for those who want to participate
  • Spring season is run like a college postseason with emphasis on skill, conditioning, and individual improvement
  • Tournaments are specifically selected with priority being given to those with recruiting opportunities
  • Practices take place at Garrison Forest
  • JPOL-Tournament details pending


  • U12 & U14 Club: $415
  • U16 & U19 Club: $465
  • Uniform: $95
  • Backpack (optional): $80
  • Replacement shin guard sleeves (optional): $15
  • Spirit wear orders are taken in the fall prior to the start of the season
  • Tournaments include an additional fee that is not included in the membership. The cost of tournaments will vary depending on the registration fee.
  • Spring FH: $160 (does not need to be paid till spring season)

Payments can be sent to

Reach FHC,
7001 Gentle Shade Road; Apt 101
Apt 101,
Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: 215.704.8030

Mimi Smith contact info
Cell: 215-704-8030

Please take a few minutes to fill out our player background form allowing us to have some preliminary background information on the player applying.

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